How to win a contest on Instagram

Events with gifts are very often held on the social network, and a reasonable question arises of how to win a contest on Instagram. Quite often there are offers to take part in activities.

This can be interesting even to the most inveterate skeptics, since there is nothing special to do. A little luck, an active attitude and a share of creativity will definitely help you win.

Why participate at all

There are two fundamental positions. There are those who conduct contests, the other side is ordinary users participating in the draws.

For an ordinary target audience who is thinking about how to win a contest on Instagram, participation makes it possible:

• receive a valuable gift,

• chat with a blogger or study the company's offer in more detail,

• Express yourself,

• try your luck

• attract friends to a game that does not require a lot of time and emotional investment.

Activities are interesting from a position, first of all:

• attracting target audience,

• expanding the coverage area,

• search and implementation of partnership programs,

• subsequent earnings.

Types of competition

Before moving on to the problem of how to win the draw on Instagram, let's consider their types. There can be many options, but in general, the mechanics of work are in three main formats. Among them:

• cooperation of earning pages (Giveway);

• prize for action;

• choosing the best from a certain group.


The principle of the construction of this rally is that material costs, as well as promotion channels, are shared among several participants. There is cross-pollination of the target audience, and investments are reduced in proportion to the number of participants. Usually there are no more than 20 of them. Such promotions are most effective in large accounts with thousands of subscribers. An important condition is the selection of truly valuable gifts for which subscribers will want to perform an additional action.

The standard conditions for how to win a contest of this type on Instagram are follows:

• subscription to all organizers and sponsors (to improve the statistics of each of them);

• repost of the promotional post to your feed (connecting the word of mouth mechanism);

• providing open access to the page (necessary for communication).

Additional conditions, at the request of the compilers, can be the indication of a specific hashtag, the organization of sequential numbering in the style of "+1" or the collection of the maximum number of "Likes". Also you can buy likes at

Action Prize

This proposal is based on the fact that the participants do something in order to receive the coveted prize. For example, posting a comment, tagging friends, continuing a phrase, choosing a number from a row. The determination of the winner can be carried out based on the opinion of an expert jury or using a random number generator. In this case, it is very important to understand the principle of how to win a contest on Instagram through a generator.

The general conditions of the drawing of such an organization require:

• obligatory subscription to the organizer;

• completing the assignment;

• providing open access to the account;

• prompt response in case of receiving a gift.

The recording of the live broadcast of the random selection of the winner looks very impressive. Thus, the impression of complete transparency and honesty of the ongoing selection is created.